Rolex 16610LV Submariner watch

  • Rolex 16610LV Submariner watch

Rolex 16610LV Submariner watch

Year: 2008   Condition: mint

Rolex 16610LV 'Kermit' Submariner watch. 2008. M-reference watch with Rolex credit card style warranty and original Rolex box. No longer made and very very hard to find. The prices of this collectible Rolex Submariner 16610LV are continuing to increase. This watch is in mint condition and comes with a nicely 'faded' green insert. This Rolex submariner is waterproof to 300m, fully automatic thanks to Rolex perpetual movement and available to purchase immediately from Armour Winston Ltd.

Call 020 7493 8937 or email an enquiry to be informed when this watch comes back in stock.

This watch comes with a comprehensive warranty.

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