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Panerai is an extremely interesting brand, and here at Armour-Winston Ltd we offer you a wide range of second hand Panerai watches. The company goes back to the late 19th century and since its creation Panerai watches have been slowly infiltrating both popular culture and the national services; Panerai were responsible for the first military divers’ watches in 1938.

Fitted with a Rolex movement, these were originally called the 47mm Radiomir; they were later rebranded as the Panerai Pam232. The Panerai ‘Daylight’ Pam250 steel watch has its origins in the Sylvester Stallone film of the same name, creating a cult reason for fans of the film and of Stallone to own this particular watch. The company is also renowned for its use of materials, from titanium to ceramic, such as the Panerai ceramic Pan292, one of the brand’s most popular wristwatches.

Armour-Winston Ltd carry Panerai watches for both men and women, from the rare Panerai Pam339 Marina Militare 47mm to the elegant Panerai Pam51 Luminor Marina. As well as selling these top quality wristwatches, we also buy pre owned Panerai watches, so if you’re looking to sell your own Panerai, look no further. We will give you the best price available, and will also recommend which watch you should get next. All our staff have specialist knowledge on all types of watches, so make use of our expertise and come to see us today.

Our shop is located in the Burlington Arcade in Mayfair, London, but if you’re not local, please give us a ring first to see how we can help you. If you like the look of the models we have in stock, don’t hesitate and buy Panerai today!

This 19th Century stunning creation is a rare diamond that is available at Armour-Winston Ltd. So, whether you want to buy Panerai watches, or sell your collection, we are here to service your every request.

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