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Today, many people enjoying shopping from the comfort of their homes. However in the past shopping was an ultimate leisure experience, and in our opinion it should remain that way! How many times has something looked perfect in the photo online, but just doesn't look right when we put it on? This is especially true if you are making a special purchase, such as a luxury watch.

Here at Armour Winston we do showcase our luxury watch selection online, however a trip to the oldest shop in the Burlington Arcade is the best way to make your choice. You can’t beat the wonderful feeling of walking through the beautiful arcade and spotting your favourite timepiece through our shop window. 



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Burlington Arcade, Mayfair

We are situated just off Old Bond Street in London's fashionable Mayfair district. Armour-Winston has become synonymous with the style and sophistication you will find in Bond Street, home to such renowned watch making names as Patek Philippe, Cartier, Rolex, Panerai, Jaeger-LeCoultre; and a home from home for international fashion houses like Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Prada and Hermes.

The Burlington Arcade is one of the precursors of the mid-19th-century European shopping gallery and the modern shopping centre. It was actually built "for the sale of jewellery and fancy articles of fashionable demand, for the gratification of the public”. Armour-Winston Ltd is a family run jeweller established in 1953. It was a jewellery shop before it evolved into the luxury watch store that it is today.


Burlington Arcade Mayfair London Bond Street

The arcade was built to the order of Lord George Cavendish, younger brother of the 5th Duke of Devonshire, who had inherited the adjacent Burlington House, on what had been the side garden of the house and was reputedly to prevent passers-by throwing oyster shells and other rubbish over the wall of his home. His architect was Samuel Ware and the Arcade opened on 20th March 1819.

Originally there were 47 leaseholders, six of whom were female, but in accordance with the tules of the day, even male milliners and corsetières were addressed as ‘madame”. Many of the tenants and their families lived under very cramped conditions above and below their shops.

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The pedestrian arcade, with smart uniform shop fronts under a glazed roof, has always been an upmarket retail location. Even today it is patrolled by Burlington Arcade Beadles in traditional uniforms including top hats and frockcoats. The original beadles were actually all former members of Lord George Cavendish's regiment, the 10th Hussars. Sadly, today’s Beadle’s no longer can enjoy the luxury of resting in the armchairs originally positioned at either end of the Arcade, which were designated for their use!



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Sell your watch for the best price

Armour-Winston not only has the most famous watch brands in the world, offering you a range from Patek Philippe to Panerai and Rolex to Cartier, but we also pride ourselves on offering you the highest amount possible for your watch. We strive to make selling your watch as friendly and relaxed an experience as buying from us. We also guarantee to pay you immediately! Whether it is the latest Rolex Steel Daytona or an unwanted gift or unused heirloom, our aim is to give you the most for it.

With our years of knowledge, stopping by our shop will give you that personal shopping experience. We would hate for anyone to buy a fake watch online, so if you are looking to buy an investment piece, you certainly should come and meet us to try your watch on in person.


If you wish to sell your pre-owned Rolex or Cartier watch, make our iconic shop your first call!