Hublot watches - a closer look

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In our last blog post we talked about the other fine brands that are available at Armour Winston. We are very fortunate to be able to provide you with some stunning and unique timepieces. In honour of the 2006 Hublot rose gold 'Big Bang' watch we have at the moment, let’s take a look at this wonderful brand.



Hublot watch founder carlo crocco

Hublot is a Swiss luxury watchmaker founded in 1980 by Italian Carlo Crocco. In the very same year, it became known as the ‘watch of European Royalty’. This was certainly an achievement accomplished by Hublot compared to other brands.  Hublot is the French word for a porthole, which makes sense due to its shape! The first concept brought together a precious material and rubber, and it turned out to be a true revolution in the design of luxury timepieces. The “Fusion” concept was a very simple idea, however Crocco wanted to change the existing fashion rules.


A rubber strap is a popular choice for most of luxury sport watches. However in order to create the ideal type Crocco spent almost three years and over $1 million developing it. Finally, he found the right formula and besides the comfort, it offered an extraordinary design and amazing durability.  It was also perfumed with a subtle vanilla-scented fragrance that covered the natural rubber scent!

first hublot watch 1980
hublot classic watch

Two years later Hublot presented a new diver watch with the signature design of its Classic line, and in 1986 its first chronograph watch, a ‘Classic Chronograph’ was introduced. However it wasn’t until May 2004, when Carlo Crocco employed Jean-Claude Biver as the new CEO and a member of Hublot’s board of directors, that the Swiss brand upgraded their Chronographs. A Super B Flyback Chronograph Collection was the perfect announcement for what was going to happen in the following year. The birth of the  Big Bang chronograph which was launched at Baselworld 2005, was an instant success and record orders led to the brand’s explosive growth.


hublot big bang black dial mens watch
Pele Hublot brand sports watch

Hublot is known for its numerous links with the world of the high-end sport. However Hublot really loves football! Partnerships with famous football clubs and associations are especially impressive.  Hublot was the Official Timekeeper and Official Watch of the Euro 2012. In addition, Hublot is the Official Watch and the Official Timekeeper of several of the world’s most popular clubs, such as Manchester United. Celebrated figures such as Pelé and José Mourinho are part of their group of brand ambassadors.Pelé made this statement about his partnership “ It is an honour for me to represent Hublot, a brand that stands for innovation and watchmaking tradition. They share my same commitment to the sport of football.”

Hublot Big Bang watch