Patek Philippe Watches for Keen Travellers

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In our last post we had a look at the new Rolex Air King, which is a watch that celebrates the brands strong connection with the world of aviation. Many of us are now thinking a little more about where to jet off to this year, so we thought we would take a look at one of our favourite Patek Philippe watches for keen travellers!


What are the most important elements of a watch to wear whilst travelling? This obviously depends on a number of things, but most simply, the type of holiday you are going on! Some people will travel with just one watch alone, whilst others may take a small collection for different occasions. If you are travelling with just one timepiece, you need to think about style and functionality that works in numerous situations. On the plane, business meetings, evenings out to dinner, or perhaps a sports activity. Whilst a single watch can’t usually cover everything on this list, there are certainly many out there that satisfy a range of them.

Today we do not need to rely on the same complications as we used to. As soon as we land somewhere far away, generally most people will quickly switch on their smart phone and know numerous time zones at once. However this does not mean that a timepiece suited to a jet-setter is not useful. They are more than just a pretty face!

Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel Time Watch 5524

Rather than looking at new watches for this year, we would like to go back to one of last years most anticipated (and highly talked about) timepieces. Many experts were surprised by the Patek Philippe ref.5524 Pilots watch at first, but we think it covers a lot of needs for the modern traveller. With the Calatrava Pilot Travel Time, Patek Philippe pays tribute to the pioneers of aeronautics.  The brand has a history with pilot’s watches, which are documented by two hour-angle navigation timepieces from the 1930s.  The 5524 is supposedly based on the oversized hour angle prototype watches Patek Philippe made in the thirties. Only two were made, and one sold in 2009 for nearly 2 million US dollars at Christie’s, while the other is on display at Patek Philippe Museum.

Patek pilot hour angle prototypes

The Calatrava Pilot features the patented Travel Time mechanism, which is extremely popular among frequent flyers because it can simultaneously display the time in two different time zones. Therefore this watch makes it so simple to switch the time if you are someone who is flying on a regular basis. Of course the Patek Philippe name also holds a level of prestige that many international travellers are looking for.

We adore the blue varnished dial, gold applied numerals with luminescent coating. The vintage brown leather strap also gives it a traditional vibe. However we particularly like the fact that the Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Time is extremely subtle and will surprisingly bring little attention to itself. You can imagine it complimenting a gorgeous tailored suit, but also teamed up with shorts somewhere hot!

 Patek Philippe 5524G Pilots Travel Time

Whilst the 5524 looks notably different from other Patek Philippe, this was one of the brands success stories of last year. We certainly think it is a marvellous timepiece from such an iconic watchmaker.


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