Travel with a Patek Philippe World Time watch!

Patek World Time

Whilst the weather is lovely and hot (for the moment) in the UK right now, many people are starting to plan their summer holidays. If you are lucky enough to travel across the globe often, you may desire a luxury timepiece that is designed to display the local time in several cities.  Let’s find out a bit more about the stunning Patek Philippe World Time collection...



Here at Armour Winston we love Patek Philippe watches and the World Time collection is definitely considered one of the greatest groups of watches in the Patek Philippe family.

Today we can travel around the world so quickly, and we are able to check our phones to find out what time zone we have just landed in. Additionally the internet has enabled time differences to have little impact on international relations. However the World Time collection has proved popular around the world by international businessmen and global leaders. Having a watch that not only allows us to see numerous time zones at once, but that also looks stunning on the wrist, is far superior than pulling your phone out your pocket!


World Time

In 1870, after the world was divided into 24 time zones, following a proposition submitted by Canadian railway engineer Stanford Fleming, most watchmakers were desperate to develop a device which would indicate the time in at least two different places in the world. However this proved very difficult, especially synchronising two identical movements perfectly in the same watch. It was in 1935 that an independent Genevan watchmaker by the name of Louis Cottier invented an ingenious universal time display mechanism that allowed watches to simultaneously indicate the local time in several cities. Cottier, who was wanted by many of the finest watchmakers, created several series of universal time watches for Patek Philippe. The two models that stand out among these technical masterpieces are ref. 1415 and 2523. These wristwatches which were produced from 1940 to 1950 and from 1953 to 1966.

7130R 011

Today, there are some stunning versions in the Patek Philippe World Time collection. We particularly like the sporty looking Platinum Ref. 5131/1P and the Rose Gold World Time Ref.7130R. The latter has a bezel set with 62 diamonds! This beautiful timepiece is also available in white gold with a blue dial centre (Ref. 7130G). The peacock blue strap really stands out on this edition ( you check it out here). If sparkles are not your thing, we often have Patek Philippe World Time watches available in our store. This previously sold 5130G in 18ct white gold with matching white gold deploy clasp is a great example. 


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