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Gold watches are perfect for Christmas!

We are welcoming the return of yellow gold watches this year! That throwback to the seventies is still lurking throughout the fashion world, and gold accessories are currently trending for both men and women. We especially love this because it means we can enjoy the vast array of luxury yellow gold watches. …read more

A closer look at the Rolex Sea-Dweller

In the 1960's, an industrial deep-sea diving company approached Rolex requesting a dive watch that could function deeper under water for a longer period of time.  Rolex took the Submariner 5513 model and added a one-way escape valve to relieve pressure. The Rolex Double Red Sea Dweller was produced for approximately 10 yrs from 1967 to 1977, and is an extremely popular collectors watch. …read more

Is the Submariner your favourite Rolex?

The Rolex Submariner is arguably the most recognised wristwatch and the latest ref is a timepiece that is pretty hard to beat! To celebrate such an iconic watch, we thought we would take a look at the history of the watch and its variations.  …read more

The Travellers Rolex

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date GMT Master is an iconic watch with a rich history, full with stories of pilots who have used this model to assist them on their travels. We thought we would give you a little bit of history about the Rolex GMT and reasons to why we think it has flown off the shelves over the... …read more

The perfect Rolex Datejust for Christmas

With the countdown to Christmas now on, we are going to take a look at some of the stunning watches we have available now. This time of year is full of sparkle, and we start with a particular luxury timepiece that will stand out perfectly! The 2017 Rolex 116243 bi-metal diamond Datejust has a set diamond dot dial and round... …read more

Give the gift of time this Christmas - a Rolex watch

To celebrate Christmas this year why not give the gift of time with a stunning Rolex timepiece?  This iconic brand has been producing stunning wristwatches for over 100 years, and has become a favourite due to incredible craftsmanship and design.  So whoever that someone special is this year, you cannot fail with a beautiful Rolex timepiece this Christmas! …read more

Check out the latest Rolex Explorer!

Rolex Explorer history began from the first successful ascent of Mount Everest. Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norway reached the top in May 1953, both wearing Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches. Being one of the first watches to reach Everest’s peak, the Rolex Explorer quickly became the watch of choice for mountain climbers and other adventurers. …read more

Why we love the Rolex Daytona

Whilst on holiday in Florida this week, I drove past Daytona Beach. This prompted my thoughts about the new Rolex Daytona. Being one of the classic and iconic timepieces, it is about time we looked at this stunning Rolex model! …read more

Sunshine & White Gold Rolex

In our last blog we took a closer look at our favourite yellow gold luxury watches at the moment. We certainly love a bit of wrist candy and bursts of colour. However, as seasons come and go, white watches continuously remains on-trend. Many people prefer white gold, and as summer is fast approaching, Rolex have the perfect selection. …read more

Rolex and the 2016 Farr 40 World Championship

Rolex has a long history with the sailing world for over fifty years, supporting the sport’s finest events. The Rolex Farr 40 World Championship is fiercely competitive and demands consistency and determination. Rolex has been a partner of the event since 2001, and the winning team not only receives the World Championship trophy, but also a Rolex Yacht-Master timepiece (which... …read more

Taking watches to the extreme…

We have discussed watches suitable for adventurers in previous posts, but it seems that recently leading watch companies are taking more extreme measures to show off their timepieces. Social media is full of brands using their extreme sports watch wearers to impress followers. There is a whole new competition out there of gaining more “likes”, so of course there is the need... …read more

The importance of an understated watch: our top 3!

…read more

The importance of an understated watch: our top 3!

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5 reasons to buy a luxury timepiece over a smartwatch this Christmas

Whilst it is true that a watch is not essential to telling the time nowadays, a luxury watch is much more than just being able to tell the time. …read more

Luxury women’s watches: A quick history

Wearing a luxury designer watch can sometimes be seen as largely devoted to a male audience wanting to make a statement. However the watch industry certainly did not start off this way. It was women who pioneered wearing watches on the wrist. Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Marie Antoinette both commissioned a diamond ‘bracelet watch’. …read more