Start the year with a Rolex Sports watch!

sailing for Rolex fans

Happy 2019 ! January is the perfect time to get active, so we say to grab your luxury sports watch, embrace the great outdoors and get fit! We thought we would take a look at some of our favourite Rolex sports watches to give you some motivation…


Rolex and sports

For almost a century, Rolex has been associated with sport. Today, Rolex is present at the most prestigious events in golf, sailing, tennis, motor sport, and at equestrian tournaments.

Most Rolex watches produced today use the brand's Oyster case which embodies years of development that started with the original Rolex Oyster watch from 1926. Rolex Oyster Professional watches are more durable and utilitarian in design. In most cases they have additional production or testing steps added to their manufacture. When initially creating a sports watch, Rolex had an aim to get rid of the system that would require intervention by the wearer. We often assume watches are waterproof, but that was developed along with Rolex’s Oyster case, which kept the mechanism dry. However it was the look of the Rolex Submariner which created a craze for the sporting watch.

underwater waterproof watch

Many sports watches were created with a certain sport in mind. In the sixties and seventies there was certainly a golden age of sports watches being much more popular. James Bond helped with this! In 1962’s Dr. No we caught a glimpse of a Rolex Submariner ref.6537 on Sean Connery’s wrist. Diving was extremely popular in the early sixties and was seen as an activity for a bit of a risk taker.

Rolex sea dweller

Rolex Sea-Dweller

With all this talk over going underwater, we couldn’t resist highlighting one of the rarest Rolex's ever made. The watch was only in production for 3 years and our Rolex 116600 Sea-Dweller is in perfect condition. It is a very popular model, with lovely detailing and perhaps a little more wearable than the 'DeepSea'. It has a waterproof case to 4000 ft (1220 m) and a unique ceramic bezel with 60 minute graduations, which is uni-directional and easy to use under extreme conditions.


Rolex yacht master

Rolex Yacht-Master

If you prefer to stay above the water, how about this stunning 2014 Rolex 116681 Yacht-Master II watch. This steel and everose gold timepiece was initially designed as an aid for sailors. It was introduced in 1992 with the model 16628 in 18-carat yellow gold. With the popularity of The Submariner, Rolex developed another watch around the nautical theme. Rolex sport watches are designed to meet the needs of adventurers in extreme conditions, and the Yacht-Master is no exception.


Rolex Milgauss

For a spot of tennis on dry land, a Rolex Milgauss watch couldn’t be more perfect. This is the same choice as tennis legend Tim Henman! In the 1950’s Rolex introduced the Milgauss with the aim of creating a mechanical timepiece able to withstand strong magnetic fields. The reliability and precision of a watch can be affected by a magnetic field of 50 to 100 gauss. The first Milgauss was very similar in appearance to the Rolex Submariner, which was an extremely popular design for Rolex. The original Milgauss had an orange lightning bolt second hand, which still is one of the most recognisable features of the model.

Keep an eye here for Rolex Milgauss watches. For now, check out all our Rolex sports watches currently in store

We hope you have a very happy and healthy year!