A Rolex sports classic: for men and women


The Rolex Yacht-Master was first introduced in 1992 with the model 16628 in 18-carat yellow gold. With the popularity of The Submariner, Rolex developed another watch around the nautical theme. Rolex sport watches are designed to meet the needs of adventurers in extreme conditions, and the Yacht-Master is no exception. Whilst the The Submariner was made for use underwater, the Yacht-Master was designed for sailing on the ocean. Essentially the first Yacht-Master was viewed as a luxury version of the Submariner, but it also symbolises the ties between Rolex and the world of sailing since the 1950’s.

rolex yachtmaster 168623

Yacht-Master 168623

Rolex describe the current Yacht-Master as the definitive watch for the high seas! It features a bidirectional rotatable bezel made of platinum, gold or black ceramic to accurately track elapsed sailing time. Its distinctive dial with large hour markers and hands ensures maximum legibility, and is guaranteed waterproof to a depth of 100 metres.

Rolex Yacht Master 116655

Yacht-Master 116655

Rolex has kept the iconic sleek and sporty design, and the new model is offered in two sizes: 40 and 35 mm. Whilst the Yacht-Master 168623 continues the classic look in steel and yellow gold, the 116655 model features the new Oysterflex bracelet. Rolex Oysterflex was developed and patented by Rolex, and offers a sporty alternative to metal bracelets without compromising robustness, waterproofness or reliability. Unlike the traditional Yacht-Master that has been known for platinum bezels this new model is equipped with a black Cerachrom bezel.

Charlize Theron wearing a mens Rolex Deep Sea.

An oversized men's sports watch on a woman's wrist…

After the first Yacht-Master was made by Rolex, in 1994 they also released a lady’s model (69628) and a mid-size man's model (68628). This the first time Rolex had issued a smaller professional size watch. In 1996, Rolex also introduced two-tone (stainless steel and 18-carat yellow gold) to the women’s mid-size line. The demand for Rolex to produce smaller sports watches for women over the years, shows the popularity of their designs and features. However interestingly the trend for women wearing mens timepieces seems to be forever in and out of fashion. Today, women do not always want elegant and dainty watches, and enjoy wearing larger and more masculine styles.

Charlize Theron Rolex Deepsea

A Rolex Lady Datejust measures at a small 26mm. Whilst Rolex do produce larger sized women’s wristwatches, they are no bigger than 34 mm. Rolex current watch trends shows that women are more likely to be sporting 40mm timepieces. Watches designed for women can be a little more fussy and sparkly for glamorous occasions. Of course not all women like to be so flashy, and sometimes a larger, more simplistic watch makes the statement required. Many women are delving into vintage male watches, as they can be a little smaller than the modern styles. The fact than manufacturers limit women’s sizes can be frustrating, so it is no surprise many female celebrities have increasingly embraced wearing oversizes men’s watches.

Rolex 16623 bi metal Yacht Master watch

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