Michelle Obama wears Cartier

michelle obama wears cartier

There has been a lot in the press at the moment about Michelle Obama, and what an amazing First Lady she is! We loved watching her let her hair down on James Corden’s Car Pool Karaoke. We also love her style and luxury watch choices….

Jackie Kennedy Cartier Watch

The first African-American First Lady has certainly been noticed as a fashion icon. Michelle is from a new era, but has been often compared to Jacqueline Kennedy. We agree that there are many similarities to their style choices, from pieces of clothing and accessories. They both chose to wear a beautiful white pearl necklace, but also they both selected a Cartier watch.

Cartier Tank W1529856

Jackie wore one of the most classic and popular styles of Cartier’s watch collection. The Tank Louis Cartier in gold with the black alligator strap. John F. Kennedy gave this beautiful timepiece to Jacqueline Kennedy in 1963 with the inscription, “To Jackie. Love Jack.” She was photographed wearing it many times in her life.


The “Tank Louis Cartier” was worn by Louis Cartier himself. The assertive choice of rectangular  form contributed to the modern style later known as Art Deco. Many brands have replicated this style over the years but today we particularly like the Cartier Tank ref. W1529856. The case is similar to Jackie’s in 18K yellow gold, with alligator-skin strap. It is a timeless classic that has not needed to be altered in many ways over the years.

Michelle Obamas wears a Cartier watch

When Michelle entered the White House, she wore a double pearl necklace, black formal dress, and more importantly a Cartier watchThe fact that Michele wore her Cartier Tank in her official portrait highlights its timeless, sophisticated style. The one she wore (ref.W51008Q3) was very simple and stylish; a steel bracelet and white dial. Cartier themselves were actually extremely surprised and excited over the picture as they had no idea she would be wearing the particular watch for the occasion.





Many inspirational women have chosen Cartier watches to wear. We feel this shows Cartier as a trusted brand of choice for strong females! Princess Diana also notably wore a gold Tank Louis Cartier. After her divorce from Prince Charles, Diana was seen wearing this watch quite often. The watch was a gift from her father. After Diana’s death, Prince William chose to keep this watch.


 The Cartier Tank has become one of the most highly coveted and copied wristwatches of all time, and has graced the wrists of so many style icons and celebrities. It is a watch that is at the top of our list for women who enjoy a touch of class.

Cartier Tank Rose Gold

We have many Cartier watches to choose from at the moment here at Armour Winston. We particular love this 2015 Cartier rose gold and diamond Cartier Tank. It is a late rare version of Cartier's best selling ladies watch which features a solid gold case and folding clasp and unique double diamond set case. It also features a fully faceted diamond in the winding crown which is a hallmark of Cartier's finest jewellery timepieces. The recommended list price of such a watch at Cartier is over £20,000 and our watch, which is supplied with its original Cartier box and paperwork, is available with a saving of  around £10,000.