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Victoria Rolex Collection

Today, wearing a luxury statement timepiece is not only devoted to a male audience. We have mentioned before that actually the watch industry was initially pioneered by women wearing watches on the wrist. We think that the choice of watch can actually say a lot about a person, so let’s take a look at some of our favourite Rolex choices by fabulous female celebrities...


Rolex was was one of the first luxury watch brands that recognised the importance of creating fashionable watches for women. The 1920 Rolex ‘Princess’ watch was the most expensive watch they sold. In 1927 when Mercedes Gleitze swam the English Channel wearing a waterproof Rolex Oyster, a more modern, sporting image for wristwatches began. Before the Second World War during the 1930’s, Rolex’s product line reflected this preference for female watches.

Victoria Beckham Rolex

Victoria Beckham is known as an extremely successful fashion designer and all round style icon. However she also adores her Rolex watches, and is often spotted wearing a Rose Gold Rolex Daytona. Victoria especially likes her gold watches, which do compliment her stylish outfits very well. However just like Victoria, we fell in love with this particular Rolex she was rocking in New York. The 36mm vintage Rolex Day-Date has an Aqua Green Stella dial, and was made in the 1970’s. During this era Rolex were big on making Day-Date models and they often offered unusual coloured dials. In last’s weeks post we talked about how this spring, colours that really pop (like blue and orange) look perfect on the wrist!

Ana Ivanovic ROlex

 Today we are able to tell the time in numerous ways, from our phones, tablets and laptops. Therefore a wristwatch in the modern day can feel like an ultimate luxury, a symbol of style and success. However women’s watches are not always just wrist candy, functionality is also important. Throughout the later part of the twentieth century, women’s wristwatches began to become much more practical as well as glamourous. In 1980, Patek Philippe for example, created a sporty women’s model after the great success of the steel Nautilus. The demand for female versions of male model sports watches continued, and many are also now adapted in size to fit the feminine wrist.

Rolex of course have numerous iconic sports watches, and have a strong partnership with many female tennis players. In fact Rolex and tennis dates back to 1978, when Rolex became the "Official Timekeeper" of The Championships, Wimbledon. Professional tennis player Ana Ivanovic has been partnered with Rolex since 2008 and was the first female tennis player to become an ambassador for the brand. Last year Ana was asked to shoot a feature for the exclusive Rolex Magazine to showcase their new Yacht-Master watch.

We think the Rolex Yacht-Master 37 (ref.268655) suits Ana perfectly! We particularly like Rolex’s exclusive 18 ct pink gold (Everose) on the Yacht-Master. Whilst Rolex design beautiful watches especially for women, many still choose to wear a larger timepiece. The trend for women wearing more traditionally masculine timepieces seems to be forever in and out of fashion. However due to the fact that many watch manufacturers limit women’s sizes, it is no surprise many female celebrities have increasingly embraced wearing oversizes men’s watches.


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Baselworld 2016

Like us, we are sure that the entire world of watch collectors have been excited about Baselworld 2016 which started today. We have been thinking about predictions for what to expect from Rolex in particular this year. We will be having a look at our personal highlights in next weeks blog - so do keep posted!