Give the gift of time this Christmas - a Rolex watch

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To celebrate Christmas this year why not give the gift of time with a stunning Rolex timepiece?  This iconic brand has been producing stunning wristwatches for over 100 years, and has become a favourite due to incredible craftsmanship and design.  So whoever that someone special is this year, you cannot fail with a beautiful Rolex timepiece this Christmas!


"A watch is as much a part of a man's or woman's wardrobe as it is an instrument for measuring time" – The Story Of Rolex (1964)

We don’t mean to worry you, but there are not very many shopping days before Christmas! There are many reasons for treating someone special to a Rolex this festive season, so let us remind you of a few...



Rolex AW 1965

They are built to last 

The Rolex sport watches were created for rugged use, and therefore extremely durable. Many other luxury watch brands can become faulty quickly, butt Rolex are made to survive for years, for generations even! Simply because their cases and movements were created for adventurous and harsh conditions. A great example of this is the Rolex Sea- Dweller from 1965 available in store now. Otherwise known as the "Great White" to collectors, this is a stunning example of a vintage timepiece.



Rolex 116589 Sodalite Daytona watch

The perfect addition to any outfit

 There is such a variety of Rolex watches, that you can change your entire look by just wearing a different style. In addition, you don’t even need to change your watch! You could perhaps simply swap the strap. We love the blue leather on this extremely rare Rolex 116589 Daytona watch. The Sodalite dial is rare and no longer produced by Rolex.



A great investment

Rolex watches have strong value, which only rise if the watch continues to stay in good condition. Rolex collectors get excited to own a wearable investment. This is particularly true with sport models like the Submariner, the Daytona, and the Explorer. Those are models that continue to grow in value faster and steadier than most other existing classic watches. A watch can be a good investment, and if you are interested in a watch that will hold its value, Rolex are a potentially good choice of brand. This is quite simply because people care about Rolex - it is such an iconic brand with so much history.


With Christmas just round the corner, make an investment on someones Christmas this year with a Rolex watch. We have many available now!

1942 rolex christmas ad

1942 Rolex Christmas Advert