A closer look at the Breguet 'Hora Mundi' watch

Breguet Classique 5717 hora mundi 2

In celebration of the stunning Breguet 'Hora Mundi' watch available now, we thought we would take a look at not only this time piece, but the brand too! The Hora Mundi mixes contemporary looks with Breguet classicism and we love it! 


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Breguet History

Breguet is a luxury watch manufacturer created by Abraham-Louis Breguet in Paris in 1775. Since 1999, it has been a subsidiary of the Swiss Swatch Group.  Breguet is one of the oldest surviving watchmaking brands and a pioneer of numerous watchmaking technologies such as the tourbillon, which was invented by Abraham Breguet in 1801. Abraham Breguet also invented and produced the world's first self-winding watch (the Perpétuelle) in 1780, as well as the world's first wristwatch in 1810 (the Breguet No.2639, for Caroline Bonaparte, Queen of Naples). 

Breguet watches are often easily recognised for their coin-edge cases, guilloché dials and blue pomme hands (often now referred to as 'Breguet hands'). 

Over the years, notable Breguet timepieces owners include King George III, Queen Victoria, Napoléon Bonaparte, and  Sir Winston Churchill!


Armour Winston Breguet

Breguet Classique 5717 Hora Mundi

Among Breguet’s collections, the Classiques proudly hold the company’s traditional values and watchmaking art. The Breguet Classique 5717 Hora Mundi watch introduced at Baselworld 2011 and has been popular ever since. Aside from having an amazing feature for travellers, this timepiece looks absolutely incredible on the wrist!

The Breguet Classique 5717 Hora Mundi watch is a timepiece that draws from the history of the brand. In memory of its founder’s travels, Breguet had already introduced a first Hora Mundi watch in 1996, in the Marine line. However the Classique has an iconic complication: the instant-jump time-zone display system. With its synchronised date, day/night and city indications, this function lets the wearer choose two cities for which he wishes to display local time. This can then be changed  by pressing on the combined crown which instantly jumps! 



Breguet hora mundi watch Dial

You can save over £20,000 on this wonderful Breguet 5717 'Hora Mundi' world time watch in 18ct rose gold with its original Breguet box and papers. This particular one is a 2013 model featuring 'Asia' on its wonderful and engraved and engine turned dial.  Please do pop by our shop in the wonderful Burlington Arcade to see our full collection of fine luxury watches.