Susan Sarandon sparks a conversation about androgynous watches

women wearing watches

Social media has gone a little wild over the past couple of days since the the fabulous Susan Sarandon stepped onto the red carpet wearing flat shoes…(oh the horror!)


At the premiere of Woody Allen’s latest film, Café Society, the press at the Cannes Film Festival couldn’t snap enough of Susan’s outfit. Her black tuxedo with large sunglasses, red lipstick and pointed flats were funnily enough, one of the biggest stories of the evening. It is a disappointment to many that this is newsworthy in 2016, however Sarandon went against the normal tradition of wearing heels at the event.

Susan Sarandon Getty Images

Looking absolutely amazing, Susan Sarandon gave us food for thought this week. Gender-based style is still evolving. Trousers worn by women were seen as extremely inappropriate for centuries, but now many women embrace tuxedos at prestigious events. It is certainly is not as controversial anymore - thank goodness!

Keaton in Annie Hall

Celebrities have such a strong influence on new trends. Think back to another Woody Allen film in 1977, ‘Annie Hall’. Diane Keaton wore her own clothes whilst playing her character in the movie and it went down a treat in the fashion world. Her androgynous outfits influenced everyone to want the “Annie Hall look”.


It is nice to mix up timepieces as well as clothing, and current watch trends show that women are more likely to be sporting larger 40mm timepieces. We have previously discussed how wrist watches were initially designed for women, as more of a jewellery accessory. Over the years however, they were designed for military men in replacement of pocket watches. A tradition was set, and there became a distinction between more masculine watches and daintier designs aimed at women. However, more recently men’s and women’s styles are becoming increasingly similar. Oversized 'men's' watches are worn by many women too!

Women wearing mens watches
Rolex ladies 80339

Of course we can’t deny that an elegant, classic, bracelet watch remains timeless.  We particularly love the pretty Rolex ladies ref. 80339 18ct white gold Pearlmaster watch we currently have available.  The mother of pearl dial and double diamond bezel will give the “wow factor” and more traditional style.



Rolex submariner

Watches designed specifically for women can be a little more fussy and sparkly for glamorous occasions. On the other hand watches designed more specifically for men can have the same eye-catching effect, but even more so due to its size! An oversized diving watch is perfect for this styling. We especially like the Rolex ref. 116610LN Submariner also available at Armour Winston now. It is in absolutely immaculate condition and would look amazing on any wrist! It would be perfect teamed up with Susan Sarandon’s suit too...


It is great for both men and women to mix up their timepieces, so do have a look at our latest top picks available here