5 reasons to buy a luxury timepiece over a smartwatch this Christmas


Whilst it is true that a watch is not essential to telling the time nowadays, a luxury watch is much more than just being able to tell the time.

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The latest Apple watch is set to be a popular choice for Christmas, so the question is, are phones now replacing wristwatches? With the growth in digital technology, finding out the time has become easier than ever. However, wearing a luxury watch today is not about just knowing what time it is, but about the statement it makes. Each luxury watch has unique qualities, from the heritage of the brand, distinctive designs, craftsmanship, and exquisite materials used.


So we are still buying watches, in fact in the last five years there has been an extraordinary growth in the sector. Pages of magazines such as GQ, Esquire and Vanity Fair are covered in glossy advertisements featuring celebrities wearing luxury timepieces. Whilst style and design is certainly an important part to choosing a watch, for many, the technology aspect is also crucial. Men in particular like to wear a beautiful watch to match a high quality suit, as well as knowing it has a variety of functions, with a lot of craftsmanship. For example, the limited Patek Phillipe Calibre 89 (ref. 3974) has 33 functions. The “world’s most complicated watch” includes telling you the time of sunrise and sunset, a thermometer, moon phase display, as well as including over 1200 parts.

patek philippe calibre 89 3974

Patek Phillipe Calibre 89 (ref. 3974)

The wristwatch definitely replaced the pocket watch throughout the twentieth century simply because of the fact it was much more convenient. You can tell the time without reaching into your pocket to look at it, and also with no worry about dropping it. Since most people check their phones, this concept seems to have stepped backwards!

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Royal Oak Offshore (15707CE.OO.A002CA.01)

So what are the reasons for buying a luxury watch over a smartwatch this Christmas?

1. History - When you buy a fine timepiece you are purchasing a piece of that brand’s history. Similar to expensive cars and vintage wine, some of the oldest companies started with such humble beginnings.


2. Style - Whilst you can certainly tell the time with a phone or smart watch, there is nothing quite like choosing a fine watch to your taste. Whether you are making a statement with an Audemars Royal Oak Offshore (15707CE.OO.A002CA.01) or keeping it classic with a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116506 (picture at top of this post), there is one for every style!


3. Function - When buying a luxury watch, many are purchasing for a specific reason. If you are into your sports like diving or sailing, there are many suited to that specifically. Check our our blog post on the best diving watches. It is interesting to see how many sports watches were created for specific expeditions. These timepieces have only been improved over the years, and they do not compromise on style. Why not take a look at our Rolex sports watches available in store at the moment.


4. It can last a lifetime - So much dedication goes into the creating luxury watches. Rolex for example, puts emphasis on movement. With more than a 100 moving parts which are crafted to an extremely high standard.


5. Investment - Buying a timepiece which is a limited edition is a great way to invest in a watch that will become more valuable. If you choose your watch wisely, it can also be something that is passed down in the family.


Here at Armour Winston we have many luxury watches to suit all tastes this Christmas…