Forget the gold bunny, how about a gold watch this Easter?

Whilst we all love to unwrap those delicious gold bunnies this time of year, how about unwrapping a stunning gold timepiece instead? We have talked before about that throwback to the seventies, and we think gold accessories still are very much on trend. There are so many luxury gold watches out there, but lets take a look at a couple of... …read more

Pretty in Pink - New Ladies Rolex Lady-Datejust Watch

We have previously discussed how many women enjoy wearing larger, more masculine watches. Numerous female celebrities have been spotted wearing chunkier Rolex watches. However Rolex certainly create beautifully stunning watches for ladies who like their timepieces a little more glamorous! A predictable change from Rolex at Baselworld 2017 was the all steel Lady-Datejust models. …read more

Rolex on the first day of Baselworld 2017

It’s that time of the year in the city of Basel, Switzerland, where Baselworld showcases what is new from the leading watch and jewellery brands. Last year the event attracted more than 145,000 people from over 100 countries. The 2017 event has opened today, and will feature around 300 brands from luxury watch makers like Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Omega. …read more

Ed Sheeran spotted with another Patek Philippe

Here at Armour Winston we have previously mentioned Ed Sheeran’s extensive collection of Patek Philippe watches. He clearly enjoys luxury watches and his choices are very design orientated, always making a statement. In the photos from British GQ magazine’s March interview, it is easy to spot Ed's stunning Patek Philippe ref.5524G Calatrava Pilot.  With his new album ÷ (Divide) in... …read more

The 27th Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie - SIHH 2017

As you may have spotted in my last post, I have been away on holiday diving in the Great Barrier Reef! Now that I am back in London, I thought it would be best to have a look at the highlights of SIHH 2017, a major attraction for all fine watch professionals. …read more

Diving into the deep with Rolex

Seeing as I am currently exploring the Great Barrier Reef, I thought it would be the perfect chance to look at an amazing diving watch. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Deepsea watch not only meets the needs of professional deep-sea divers, but also looks stunning on the wrist.  …read more

Happy 2017! It’s time to keep fit with a sports watch

Happy New Year to all of our customers! …read more

Give the gift of time this Christmas - a Rolex watch

To celebrate Christmas this year why not give the gift of time with a stunning Rolex timepiece?  This iconic brand has been producing stunning wristwatches for over 100 years, and has become a favourite due to incredible craftsmanship and design.  So whoever that someone special is this year, you cannot fail with a beautiful Rolex timepiece this Christmas! …read more

Square watches for Christmas

Square watches are reminiscent to the Art Deco era and an iconic pre-WW2 watch design. They haven’t been hugely popular over recent years, however perhaps due to the launch of the Apple watch, square timepieces are on a lot of Christmas lists. The countdown to Christmas is now on and of course there will be someone in your life that... …read more

Rare Patek Philippe smashes auction record!

The most expensive wristwatch has sold at auction over the weekend. The watch in question as one of the three Patek Philippe ref.1518 models sold over the two day Phillips Auction House sale.  This rare stainless steel Patek Philippe set the auction record of 7.7 million pounds! The bidding took place with more than seven bidders. …read more

Hublot watches - a closer look

In our last blog post we talked about the other fine brands that are available at Armour Winston. We are very fortunate to be able to provide you with some stunning and unique timepieces. In honour of the 2006 Hublot rose gold 'Big Bang' watch we have at the moment, let’s take a look at this wonderful brand. …read more

Panerai watches: perfect for vintage lovers!

Whilst we have a large variety of Rolex, Cartier and Patek Philippe watches, we sometimes stock other fabulous luxury brands! We particularly enjoy it when we are able to purchase a stunning Panerai watch for our store. Panerai was a top military secret for decades and didn't surface until the early 1990’s. …read more

The beautiful Burlington Arcade

Here at Armour Winston we now like to showcase our luxury watch selection online, as well as at the oldest shop in the Burlington Arcade. However you can’t beat the wonderful feeling of walking through the beautiful Arcade and looking at our timepieces through the shop window. We thought we would give you a little history about our store! …read more

Swiss timepieces surge in the British luxury watch market

Last month the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry’s monthly export sales tracker revealed that sales to the UK increased by 13.4%. This increase in exports means that the UK are sixth in the league table of Swiss watch importers. We certainly do like our luxury swiss timepieces here and one of our favourites is of course, the iconic Patek Philippe. …read more

Check out the latest Rolex Explorer!

Rolex Explorer history began from the first successful ascent of Mount Everest. Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norway reached the top in May 1953, both wearing Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches. Being one of the first watches to reach Everest’s peak, the Rolex Explorer quickly became the watch of choice for mountain climbers and other adventurers. …read more

The Rolex Submariner Watch: The Perfect Partner on Land or Sea

The Rolex Submariner is arguably the most recognised wristwatch and the latest ref. 114060 is a timepiece that is pretty hard to beat! To celebrate such an iconic watch, we thought we would take a look at the history of the watch and its variations.  …read more

Celebrating 175 Years of Patek Philippe

Earlier this year we discussed our favourite watches exhibited at Baselworld.  Patek Philippe debuted an update of the Grandmaster watch, which in our opinion is truly stunning. The Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime ref. 6300 is the now the most complicated wristwatch in production, featuring the same 20 complications as the anniversary edition. …read more

Michelle Obama wears Cartier

There has been a lot in the press at the moment about Michelle Obama, and what an amazing First Lady she is! We loved watching her let her hair down on James Corden’s Car Pool Karaoke. We also love her style and luxury watch choices…. …read more

What watch does Wimbledon Champion Serena Williams wear?

Wimbledon is over for another year and we now have our Champions! Top athletes help to inspire us in many ways, and last week Serena Williams made sure reporters were aware she would like to be simply known as  “one of the greatest athletes all time”. …read more

Rolex Watches & Wimbledon 2016

Wimbledon 2016 is drawing to its final few days and each year more professional tennis players show off high-end wrist watches. We do enjoy seeing which players have stepped up their wrist game each year! …read more

What watch will the new James Bond wear?

It has been in the headlines recently that Daniel Craig has apparently turned down a big deal to play James Bond again. Therefore speculation about who will take over the iconic role is well and truly underway!  Not only will they have to take over wearing fine suits and drive stunning cars, they will have a choice of a luxury... …read more

Why we love the Rolex Daytona

Whilst on holiday in Florida this week, I drove past Daytona Beach. This prompted my thoughts about the new Rolex Daytona. Being one of the classic and iconic timepieces, it is about time we looked at this stunning Rolex model! …read more

Diamonds or Pearls in a Rolex?

In this weeks post, we would like to take a little look into the Rolex Lady-Datejust Pearlmaster. The Pearlmaster is Rolex’s crowning jewellery watch, and is characterised by beautiful gem settings of diamonds, sapphires or rubies. It is simply irresistible! …read more

Susan Sarandon sparks a conversation about androgynous watches

Social media has gone a little wild over the past couple of days since the the fabulous Susan Sarandon stepped onto the red carpet wearing flat shoes…(oh the horror!) …read more

Sunshine & White Gold Rolex

In our last blog we took a closer look at our favourite yellow gold luxury watches at the moment. We certainly love a bit of wrist candy and bursts of colour. However, as seasons come and go, white watches continuously remains on-trend. Many people prefer white gold, and as summer is fast approaching, Rolex have the perfect selection. …read more

Going for GOLD

We are welcoming the return of yellow gold this year! That throwback to the seventies is still lurking throughout the fashion world, and gold accessories are currently trending for both men and women. We especially love this because it means we can enjoy the vast array of luxury yellow gold watches. …read more

Patek Philippe Watches for Keen Travellers

In our last post we had a look at the new Rolex Air King, which is a watch that celebrates the brands strong connection with the world of aviation. Many of us are now thinking a little more about where to jet off to this year, so we thought we would take a look at one of our favourite Patek... …read more

A Rolex fit for a King (or Queen!)

Last week we looked at a few new favourites from Rolex and Patek Philippe. However we thought we would take a closer look at another one of our stand-out timepieces spotted at Baselworld 2016. Rolex is introducing a new Oyster Perpetual Air-King, and we can’t wait to get our hands on one! …read more

Favourites from Baselworld 2016

Each spring in the city of Basel, Switzerland, Baselworld showcases what is new from the leading watch and jewellery brands. It comprises of about 2,100 exhibitors from over 45 countries and attracts over 94,00 visitors. This year it was on from the 17th to 24th March and we have been extremely excited to see what our favourite luxury watch companies... …read more

Female celebs wearing a statement Rolex

Today, wearing a luxury statement timepiece is not only devoted to a male audience. We have mentioned before that actually the watch industry was initially pioneered by women wearing watches on the wrist. We think that the choice of watch can actually say a lot about a person, so let’s take a look at some of our favourite Rolex choices... …read more

The Perfect Watch for Spring 2016 : The Rolex Milgauss

We like a splash of colour here at Armour Winston, and the newest version of the Rolex Milgauss is so vibrant. Orange is the shade of Spring this year, especially teamed up with blue. So why not stay in fashion with the Rolex Milgauss (ref.116400GV) timepiece on your wrist? It is bang on trend with its electric blue dial with an... …read more

A little bit about… Jaeger-LeCoultre

Here at Armour Winston we of course have a fine selection of luxury watches such as Rolex, Cartier and Patek Philippe. However we also have a range of second hand luxury watches from some of the world’s most renowned Swiss watch houses, such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, Audemars Piguet, Breguet, and IWC. …read more

10 ways to spot a fake Rolex

Wearing a Rolex is seen as a status symbol across the globe, however it is also one of the most counterfeited watch brands out there. We have previously mentioned here at Armour Winston that “if it ticks, it’s fake”, however we are regularly asked what else to look out for when spotting a fake Rolex. …read more

Rolex and the 2016 Farr 40 World Championship

Rolex has a long history with the sailing world for over fifty years, supporting the sport’s finest events. The Rolex Farr 40 World Championship is fiercely competitive and demands consistency and determination. Rolex has been a partner of the event since 2001, and the winning team not only receives the World Championship trophy, but also a Rolex Yacht-Master timepiece (which... …read more

The travellers Rolex

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date GMT Master is an iconic watch with a rich history, full with stories of pilots who have used this model to assist them on their travels. We thought we would give you a little bit of history about the Rolex GMT and reasons to why we think it has flown off the shelves over the... …read more

Taking watches to the extreme…

We have discussed watches suitable for adventurers in previous posts, but it seems that recently leading watch companies are taking more extreme measures to show off their timepieces. Social media is full of brands using their extreme sports watch wearers to impress followers. There is a whole new competition out there of gaining more “likes”, so of course there is the need... …read more

The importance of an understated watch: our top 3!

…read more

New Audemars Piguet - wow!

In our last post we talked about what we might expect from SIHH 2016. Well there has been some truly stunning watches on show. However we thought we would focus on Audemars Piguet, simply because they had the wow factor! …read more

Kick off the year at SIHH

For luxury watch enthusiasts, this year will kick off when the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) starts in Geneva on the 18th January. The brands that will exhibiting at this years show will be sure to give us an insight into what we can expect for 2016. …read more

5 reasons to buy someone special a Rolex for Christmas

"A watch is as much a part of a man's or woman's wardrobe as it is an instrument for measuring time" – The Story Of Rolex (1964) …read more

Why choose Audemars Piguet?

“You, my Royal Oak, are the masterpiece of my career and the magical realisation of a childhood dream” Gérald Genta, designer …read more

5 reasons to buy a luxury timepiece over a smartwatch this Christmas

Whilst it is true that a watch is not essential to telling the time nowadays, a luxury watch is much more than just being able to tell the time. …read more

Ed Sheeran has great taste with the Patek Philippe Nautilus

Patek Philippe is one of the most prestigious watch companies from Switzerland. They have clients across the globe, including many royals and celebrities. Patek Philippe also have one of the best-known slogans, “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.”. …read more

Cartier: Loved by pilots and Kate Middleton

“King of Jewellers and the Jeweller to Kings.” King Edward VII about Cartier in 1847. …read more

A Rolex sports classic: for men and women

The Rolex Yacht-Master was first introduced in 1992 with the model 16628 in 18-carat yellow gold. With the popularity of The Submariner, Rolex developed another watch around the nautical theme. Rolex sport watches are designed to meet the needs of adventurers in extreme conditions, and the Yacht-Master is no exception. …read more

Rolex Submariner: an incredible sports watch with a timeless, sophisticated design

The Oyster Perpetual Submariner is the quintessential divers’ watch and certainly has an interesting history. It was introduced in 1953 during the pioneering era for scuba diving.  At the time Rolex director Rene P. Jeanneret, was also an amateur diver and encouraged the company to develop a sports watch for underwater adventurers. …read more

Fancy exploring this week?

The Rolex Explorer is perhaps one of the most classic sports watches, and has not been dramatically altered since the first model in 1953. It was inspired by knowledge gained by human adventure, and made with stainless steel to withstand extreme conditions. It is a ruggedly elegant watch and has been the popular choice of explorers since it was first introduced. …read more

Why we love Patek Philippe

…read more

Luxury women’s watches: A quick history

Wearing a luxury designer watch can sometimes be seen as largely devoted to a male audience wanting to make a statement. However the watch industry certainly did not start off this way. It was women who pioneered wearing watches on the wrist. Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Marie Antoinette both commissioned a diamond ‘bracelet watch’. …read more

Fine diving watches & saving our ocean

We have a number of fine diving watches currently available at Armour Winston… …read more

Summer is not over / New stylish watches to wear on a sea adventure

We had some of our hottest days this summer so far throughout Wimbledon 2015. Each year more professional tennis players show off high-end wristwatches, which certainly creates interesting viewing. After winning the French Open, Stanislas Wawrinka stepped up his wrist game at Wimbledon. The Swiss player is an ambassador for Audemars Piguet and rather unusually wore his watch throughout the... …read more